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Solving Stylus Problems with TrueTip® Finger and Pen Cap Styli
By Karl Robb
Copyright(c) TrueTip, LLC


The standard stick stylus was not designed for the convenience of the user but for the company that invented the stick stylus. The stylus as we know it is an afterthought. With its slick matte black finish and a capillary-like circumference, holding a stylus in one's hand is like trying to grasp a toothpick. Comfort and convenience are lacking in most stylus designs. Healthcare workers, Police, Lineman, Cashiers, Truckers, and a variety of other types of workers spend hours upon hours everyday on their handheld computer, GPS unit, point of sale (POS) touch screen, touch tablet, cell phone, or smart phone. The standard stick stylus just wasn't meant for this kind of use.

Still, a pen stylus of any kind demands that the user be at least a few inches away from the screen. To control a stylus of any length more than 2-3 inches takes motor control. Anyone with tremors or palsy, whether it is due to too much caffeine, a neurological disorder, or motor dysfunction, making precise contact on the screen can be a challenge. Control and accuracy are vital to precise entry.

Occupational therapists have reported to TrueTip, LLC that they are experiencing hand cramping, carpal tunnel, and overall discomfort from using the standard stylus for long periods of time. The human hand can comfortably grasp a pen with a wider circumference for longer periods of time because it is broader and more comfortable to grasp.

A good design should mean more than just looking attractive. Design should also be utilitarian and have function. Without function, good form is just art. Art can be appreciated even more when the art goes beyond aesthetics and has a defined purpose or function.

Solving A Real Problem For POS

In talks with touch screen dealers and manufacturers it is not uncommon to get POS systems sent in for repair in which the user has subsequently embedded a pen, screwdriver, or some other household device through the membrane of the touch screen. Users are notorious for getting ink emblazoned on the touch surface. Touch screen systems are considerable investments that take severe abuse. TrueTip has witnessed the following:

· Cashiers using all parts of a ballpoint pen, including the ink tip
· The edge of a credit card
· Pencils, forks, knives, coins, and a tooth brush used as styli
While these alternate uses of utensils are truly imaginative and may be temporarily useful, ultimately, they will most likely wreak havoc on your machine.

My Customers Don't Ask For It So Why Do I Need It?

A useful product may look simple but be taken for granted. Even when needed in the very worst way, when we require a paper clip, bobby pin, or safety pin, how often do we really look at the need? Did someone think of the need first as a solution to a problem or did the makers have to educate the consumer that there was a need for these products? Companies innovate and design new products for their clients because they see a void that needs to be filled.

TrueTip identified a niche market with a wide audience. Touch technology permeates our daily lives from the over 30 million handheld computers to the millions of touch screens, billion plus cell phones, and the growing smart phone market. Innovation shouldn't be implemented after your clients are clamoring for a change. The provider must embrace a proactive stance. Executing new and improved solutions for productivity are what technology should be about. If there is a better way wouldn't you expect the innovation to be placed into action?

Finger Computing Versus Pen Computing

The term, pen computing is a misnomer in that usually your stylus is merely a stick and not a pen. Granted, if you use a TrueTip pen cap stylus on your pen or you purchased a more pricey multi-function transitional pen stylus combo, you truly are using a pen; if so, you are in the minority of handheld users.

Have you ever noticed that the stylus often gets in the way of what you are viewing on the screen? It can be very frustrating. Part of the problem is the length of the stylus as well as the overall diameter of the stylus' point. TrueTip designed around this problem.

If you have ever tried to use your PDA or GPS unit while walking or moving in a vehicle, you may have noticed that at times, gaining control of your stylus is a challenge. A similar problem was taken into account and solved when we noticed the struggle of trying to use a stylus in a cramped airline seat or even a car seat. With the TrueTip finger stylus, you no longer are forced to use your elbow or shoulder.

As buttons continue to shrink and fingers remain the same size, TrueTip styli should appear to be the logical solution. Whether you are using a GPS unit, cell phone, smart phone, handheld computer, digital camera, or a combination of devices.

True Tip's patented finger stylus will stretch to fit over a glove. There is no other stylus that can make that claim. Fitting over a glove is an important innovation to a healthcare worker, someone working out in the cold, or in dangerous heavy industry.

Proof Is In The Pudding

How do you argue with results, when customers tell us that we are increasing their productivity by as much 30% or that they are able to use their handheld computer for a longer period of time without the stress and strain on their hand? TrueTip is making a difference in the way people interact with technology. Thousands of people from around the world are discovering the benefits of using our styli.

These apparently simple devices were designed and manufactured with the end-user in mind. From the physically challenged to the cell phone user, TrueTip, LLC is filling a need. We are all drawn to good design and innovation. Think about the everyday staple or paperclip. Objects on every desk were at one time new and unknown inventions. A good tool is invaluable.

We encourage anyone who believes in building a better mousetrap and promoting the Free Enterprise System to share this story with friends, business associates, retailers, distributors, and technology companies.

For more information about TrueTip, LLC, please visit www.truetip.com. Send us mail at info@truetip.com.

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